Terra Firma Carbon, LLC

The Forests of the World


The forests of the world have provided we humans and our landscapes with ecosystem benefits for millions of years, gratis. Terra Firma Carbon LLC is committed to valuing those benefits through the development of projects that sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide in the bio-mass of trees and their forest soils. We also work to promote the multi-disciplinary research and development needed to identify hitherto unrecognized forest management techniques and benefits bestowed unto us via forests, grasslands and the wetlands extant on our planet.


A market that compensates landowners, local, and national governments for  maintaining their existing carbon stocks, or, for adopting new techniques for sequestering additional carbon on their land is essential to lowering our atmosphere’s greenhouse gas content.


De-forestation alone currently emits an estimated 18% of all anthropogenically generated global greenhouse gases. These emissions are more than our entire transport sector…planes, trains, boats, and yes, even cars.


Avoiding de-forestation and implementing practices of reforestation, afforestation and land management change is the low-hanging fruit of climate change mitigation. As mandatory cap and trade and other ecosystem payment systems are adopted, the role of land use and land use change will be one of the most productive in our efforts to stabilize the earth’s climate. The ancillary benefits to bio-diversity, hydrology, local weather patterns and endangered species are also becoming recognized with market mechanisms being developed to incentivize their protection.